The challenge to experiment with ever varying materials and techniques give Sunny a feeling of tremendous freedom.
She embraces the space and liberty to enter a journey without frontiers, leading her to subtle and colorful expressions
in which earthly matter and cosmic powers form an inexhaustible source of inspiration,  creating a continuous flow of change.
The intimacy that she experiences with these sources enable her to effect a transformation in her own imagery, where the rhythm of colorful spaces, mobile lines and contrarian structures merge in  harmonious compositions.
The noticeable subtle powers of the vibrations that colors bring about are tangible in all of her creations.
Colors that are made up of multiple layers reveal themselves as a tactile kind of skin. Complete histories seem to be hidden under the
surface - absorbed influences from different cultures - brought about by a twelve year stay in various countries in the west and the east
with many travels to inspiring places. History transposed into a colorful present. The female forms that she painted during a long period
of her life occasionally come to the surface in a vague sensuous dreamlike memory. The combinations of all these elements produce a very authentic imagery, Sunny’s very own artistic signature.

Sunny Neeter

Born 12-15-1953 in Hengelo (O), the Netherlands

Schoener 188

1186VN Amstelveen

Phone +3120 6475879, +31654682551

Sunny had her Art Education (Fine Arts) at the School of Fine Arts in Metro Manila , Philippines. Back in the Netherlands she made her work more profound with her ​​mentor Peter Schenk where she painted nudes during several years. The Japanese teacher of Peter Schenk, Jiro Inagaki, also became her "Master" in the creation of paper. A high quality handmade Japanese paper called Kozo.

Education / activities

1982 – 1986        Art Education Manilla – specialization Painting Manilla Philippines

1993 – 1996        Model painting – Peter Schenk Amsterdam

2007 – 2008        Medium Education – Maylight Institute for Spiritual and Mental Training

2007 – 2008        Japanese Papermaking – Jiro Inagaki, Hilversum

2013                      Silk-screen Print and Felt workshop – Nora van Klingeren, Gouda

1974 – 1977        Graphic work at printing firm

1077 – 1981        Residence  Ibiza, Spain

1981 – 1982        Residence  Hong Kong

1982 – 1986        Residence Manilla Philippines

1986                      Till today in the Netherlands

1996 – 2009        Member Art Society Art’s Place Amsterdam

1999 – 2001        Vice-chairperson Art’s Place

2006                      Till today painting workshops for groups and individuals

2007                      Till today member Art Society Amstellandkunst Amstelveen (VAK)

2014                      Registered Certified Training Company by the Government GOC


Holland Art Fair – Den Haag
Artiade – Alkmaar          
Ahoy – Rotterdam
Affordaible Art Fair – Amsterdam

Musea a.o.
Cobra Museum
Museum Gallery Aemstelle Amstelveen
Estense Castle/Museum Ferrara Italy
Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven Library

Collectors / works bought by
Municipality of Amstelveen
Burger Collection Switzerland
Reflexoës Light & Design Portugal


1995 -                   Till today - Various private commissions

1995 -                   Till today – Painting workshops for various companies, a.o. Ban Mees & Pierson, ABN-AMRO, NOKIA, DHL, KLM, ICT- Randstad, Gemeente Amstelveen, IBIS Medisch Sportcentrum, Minerva, Weldenkers Brummelmans, Adviesburo Centr. Q, Festo, Schiphol Airport, Florens College, Leger des Heils, AAR-ACS and many others.

1996 -                   Chairs Project Olievaer Gallery Uithoorn

1997 -                   Window Project Amstelveen

1998 -                   Mural painting / City centre Amstelveen

1998 -                   Workshop training middle management ABN-AMRO

2005 -                   Workshop Plan Unicef children rights Den Haag / charitaty

2006 -                   The Manor of Rembrandt / various workshops Ouderkerk a.d Amstel

2007 -                   Scenery Municipal Theatre Amstelveen / Mussorgsky Music Days  ‘The Scary Forest’

2007 -                   Workshop Margriet´s better World Sister´s Hope /charity

2009 -                   Windnomads SLEM / Bruno Doedens / Oerol terschelling and New York

2011 -                   Curator exhibitions ´denieuwegalerie´ Amsterdam/centre

2012 -                   Guidance and organization second year students ROC Arts_Design / exhibition ‘Strange Attractions’  Amsterdam


1998 -                   Triënnale Amstelveen / Cobra Museum Amstelveen

2005 -                  Art´s Place in Todi Italy / Cisterne Romana e Monastero delle Lucrezie ´Contemporary Art in Todi´

2009 -                   Windnomads / SLEM Deventer

2010 -                   Art page / Amstelveen Newspaper

2013 -                   Trevisan International Art / Italy

2013 -                   Art Guide Amsterdam

2014 -                   Art Tour Amstelveen

2014 -                   Collages Assemblages Objects – Gallery ‘S’ Amsterdam