Workshop ‘Painting with mixed techniques’
We will paint in an inspiring environment where, in a relaxed way you can transpose your own feelings and ideas in fantastic colors. WE use acrylic paint on canvas or paper and various other materials like oil bars, inks, pastel shades, modeling paste, gel medium, sand, pieces of paper, garments, etc.

We learn to apply these in a playful manner and how to develop our feeling for composition and use of colors, to create your own reality and recall your own experiences, changing these into lines, shades, rhythm and balance. Working in this pure form space will appear for an exhilarating creative process, where the outcome will be a big surprise.

For both beginners and experienced people there will be ample individual guidance and accompaniment to support each individual’s exploration. Afterwards there will be a joint evaluation of each other’s work and we’ll finish the day with a glass and a little snack.

Atelier adres: 
Siem Kooy Bedrijventerrein
Hornweg 196d
1432 GS Aalsmeer
Mobiel: 06 54 68 25 51

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See how much fun and inspiring it can be to experience a special creative day.  Experience the challenge to paint a large canvas together or just an individual small canvas. The subject can be determined by yourself or the group. Do you want to work in the studio or on location, indoors or outside?
Come up with a proposal and together we will reflect how we can shape this special day to become a nice memory for later. At the end of the day we can round it off with a snack or a drink.
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Get to know your colleagues, employees or clients and better appreciate them during a relaxing afternoon or evening, working together to create a group painting as part of a collaborative project. In an inspiring place, a studio or a space in your own business that can be transformed into a real studio with everything in it. Brushes, paint, rollers paper and canvas. Let the challenge begin!
Theme and time to be determined by you, can respond. 'Wishes with a snack and a drink or catering afterwards and the result of a positive group dynamic that a lasting memory for many will be.
Sunny teaches since 1995 in workshops for groups and companies including ABN AMRO Bank, Bank , Mees & Pierson, AKZO, Nokia, DHL, KLM, ICT-Randstad, Municipality of Amstelveen, Schiphol Airport, and many others.
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